Belgium not Bognor

I had worked on some great  commissions.  Over the next year or so I showed work at the County Hall In London, The Helen Keller awards in Glasgow, Chichester Tactile Exhibition, Llandudno and  Belgium. The opportunity to show  out of the country sounded exciting, expensive but worth giving it a try. The logistics of getting a box full of […]

Mary Rose £5 coin commission

Mary Rose  £5 coin commission

I am going to jump forward a few years from 2007 to 2011 because the following is associated with the Mary Rose commission and it seems a natural follow on. I received a letter  from the Westminster Coin Company. It read, ”  Your tactile copy of the 16th century Anthony Roll painting of Henry VIII’s Mary Rose […]

No Harry Redknapp and no official opening.

No Harry Redknapp and no official opening.

I arrived at the Mary Rose Museum with my painting and was taken into the Board room.  The painting was unwrapped and  handed to Charlie the Blind Volunteer. At that stage no-one else could see the picture. He felt his way around the painting and then told all the sighted people in the room everything […]

Blind volunteer reads Mary Rose painting.

Blind volunteer reads Mary Rose painting.

It took me four months to  build up the plaster work on the tactile painting of the Mary Rose ship, often using the tiniest  brushes  normally used to paint miniatures. Prior to painting, the white plaster relief work of the ship was almost ghostly.    I must admit I rather liked it, if it had been my own painting, I might […]

A drinks party, a Mary Rose Commission and the Blind Volunteer

We have now reached  the year 2007 in my story blog. I had been invited to a drinks party and was introduced to Rear Admiral John Lippiett who is the Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust. He asked me what kind of work I did.  I know from experience  when people find out I am an […]

Chichester and Emsworth Art Trails

When I first started painting I visited a cross section of  artists who were part of  the Chichester Art Trail to find out how and where they worked. Feeling confident about my own work, and having a commission and three solo exhibitions under my belt. I contacted the founder Susan Cutts and she accepted my application. I […]

Guernsey exhibition, Specsavers and Condor ferries.

2006, my third year of painting was one hell of a year and gave me so much more confidence.   Before I tell you about my second  Commission I should let you know that I was also offered a third solo exhibition by the Guernsey Arts Council. What was going to be so very different about […]

Introducing Whaam to Whaam

Introducing Whaam to Whaam

When the Touch Tours Department of Tate Modern gave me a commission to make  a tactile version of Wham I was not  given  a deadline. In fact they insisted I take my time. It normally takes me,  about a month or so to create one of my own tactile paintings, so  I thought  six months to complete […]

Commission for Touch Tours at Tate Modern

The success of my Tactile Exhibition at the Salisbury Gallery,  took place in 2006 and the subsequent media interest, renewed my search to find at least one gallery that shows tactile paintings. Success at last, the Touch Tours collection at the Tate Modern had a collection of objects that could be touched, however, they did not have […]

First the blog, then the book.

I have recently been contacted by someone who asked if my blog covers  what is happening now.  It is not. The blog started  a little further back,where I discuss  my having attended college and University later in life. It then moves through to how I taught myself to paint, create a new style of painting  and  moves through […]