The moment I started to write my book, I had to make a decision.

Do I submit it to a Literary  Agent or a traditional Publisher.

Or should I publish with KDP publishing.

The traditional route would understandably mean waiting a long time if indeed they liked the book. If successful, any decisions about the book cover, the length of the book and completion date would be theirs.

I felt confident about the story line, what the book cover should look like and I also knew when I wanted it published.  I also wanted it published by a certain date.

The traditional route would not give me that control

For that reason I chose to go with KDP Publishing for my first book THE PAINTING IN ROOM 48.

The time I spent on dealing with the problems I encountered, I could have written another book.

The first book sent to me, the cover was completely white, the second book was grey and the last order, the books came in varying shades of blue.

The title on some of the spines were in varying positions and some of the book covers do not sit flat.

In dealing with KDP publishing over the past three months I have been passed from pillar to post,   they have even suggested it is my fault.

I don’t believe for one moment I am the only one who has encountered these problems.

In answer to my own question, would I have liked to have been dealt with in a professional manner,  guided, protected, listened to, even if it took longer for the end result.

Oh, Yes.