Latest Work


Heather wanted to create a new style of work and find a way to marry up all the skills she has learnt over the years.

She read the following quote, “Artist Books are works of art that utilize the form of a book – using structure or function of the book as inspiration.”

This prompted her to attend a course at West Dean College to learn how to handle leather and since then has ventured into the world of sculptures.

She is working with wood, plaster, leather, gold leaf and jewels and continues to experiment with metal, embroidery and paint.

The very first one she made was a wedding book, where each guest at the wedding is represented by a miniature wooden book with their names on, covered in leather and decorated, the main book itself is covered in leather and it houses the readings from the service.

Her next work which is nearing completion is inspired by Jane Austen and a wood carving her brother made for her.

Artist Books
Artist Books
Artist Books