“Heather has used her acclaimed painting technique to produce a touchable copy of Whaam! by American Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.” – Tate Modern.

“Congratulations on a wonderful picture. It is a joy to behold for someone blessed with good eye sight, but to see the absolute pleasure it brought Charlie (a blind volunteer) as he felt his way across it was wonderful.” – Mary Rose Museum.

”Have you any idea what you have done, what you have achieved?” – Charlie’s wife.

“Your work imparts playful intelligence and accessible intensity” – Grand Canyon Air Program.

“Heather who works in the light and lights up the darkness. You open the eyes of the blind through tactility.” – Sister Wendy Beckett, art writer and broadcaster.

“An innovative and thought provoking exhibition – this show offers the visually impaired a rare chance to engage with art.” – Salisbury Galleries.

“The idea of actually being able to touch the paintings was a novel one and met with great delight by so many people, as it enabled them to ‘see’ the paintings.”

“The exhibition was greeted with great enthusiasm by patients, visitors and staff. It was very moving to see porters stopping to let patients look at the pictures.” – Guernsey Hospital.

“It was wonderful to be able to enjoy ‘seeing’ through touching, a touching triumph.”

“Wonderful show, the touching works both ways.”

“The first time I have felt colour and movement, remarkable”, “ This is genuine magic, it makes me feel happy it makes me smile.” – Guernsey Hospital visitors.