Mary Rose
Tactile version of Mary Rose commissioned by the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth.
Tactile version of Whaam!
Tactile copy of Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein commissioned by Tate Modern.
Threads of Life
Threads of Life – Commission for Braintree Crematorium
Landscape – commission for the new build East Devon Crematorium
Birds eye view
Bird’s Eye View – Commission for East Devon Crematorium)
Share My Dream
Share My Dream – commission for the new build East Devon Crematorium

Isolation – £950

Divers – Sold
The Mask of the Reluctant Wife
The Mask of the Reluctant Wife – £950
Excluded by Love

Excluded by Love – £950

The Key to your Dreams
The Key to Your Dreams – £950
Now What?
Now What? – £400
Lost by Heather Bowring

Lost – £950

Something Has to Give
Something has to Give – £400
Mother Earth

Mother Earth – Sold

Source of Life

Source of Life – £950

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion (Red) – £950

Alone but Never Lonely

Alone but Never Lonely – Sold

Destinations Known and Unknown

Destinations Known and Unknown – £950

Perpetual Motion

One Voice 2 – Sold

Happy Rain

Happy Rain – Sold

Angels' Confetti

Angels’ Confetti – £950

Incoming Tide

Incoming Tide – Sold

Fly Free

Fly Free – Sold

Who can feel the Wind

Cowes Week – £950

Sands of Music

Sands of Music – Sold

Sands of Music - Encore
Sands of Music – Encore – Sold