Heather Bowring

Heather Bowring is a self taught artist who has developed a new style of tactile relief work paintings that are meant to be touched, this work has enabled her to invite into the art arena the previously excluded audience of the blind and visually impaired, so they too can share the experience.

Heather Bowring

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Mary Ellis by Heather Bowring

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Happy Rain




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Light on the Horizon by Heather Bowring


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Artist Books

Heather wanted to create a new style of work and find a way to marry up all the skills she has learnt over the years.

She read the following quote, “Artist Books are works of art that utilize the form of a book – using structure or function of the book as inspiration.”

Debut Novel

The Painting in Room 48

Available on Amazon and Kindle

Heather Bowring’s debut novel – The Painting in Room 48 – is available on Amazon – Paperback and Kindle. Her first novel was inspired by a thesis she wrote as a mature student, ‘Art as a Complementary Healer’.

She has always been fascinated with the idea that the space between a painting and a viewer is filled with their own history and wanted to develop this idea for it to play a major role in the book.

Painting in Room 48

Heather Bowring uses problems and challenges to fuel her painting and writing, which in turn gives us the opportunity to appreciate unique creativity and maybe bring healing and new dimensions to our own existence

– Hampshire Life Magazine

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Inspiration to paint comes from many sources. I am a self taught artist and began my self imposed apprenticeship by copying everything in sight, the main focus was to reproduce miniatures and portraits. I was unable to produce original work nor did I even know how to...