I have had the benefit of enjoying an artist residencies for both art and writing.

A residency gives you a new space to work in, precious time to focus without interruption from the real world. In my case I have chosen to work in isolation and these experiences have helped me focus to on me.  How rare is that.

My very first experience was to travel from the South of England to Cove Park, based in 50 acres of a beautiful setting on Scotland’s West Cove. Cove Park was founded by Eileen and Peter Jacobs as a charity and international resource dedicated to artistic excellence.

Before leaving I placed an order with Waitrose, who are 25 miles away from this location. When I arrived it was there waiting for. I was very impressed.The staff  booked me in and took me to my home for the next seven days. The Cube is a converted shipping container and it had everything I needed, the large sliding doors, opened up onto a balcony which was over a pond, and all I could see was the Loch and hills.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I produced 16 thousand words in less than a week, walked miles in a stunning landscape, watched beautiful sunsets and slept 12 hours a night. going to bed when I was tired, waking up when my body and mind were ready. Not knowing the time I ate when I was hungry which turned out to be twice a day.

That week gave birth to my first novel THE PAINTING IN ROOM 48. available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon. At the end of September I return to Cove park, with research notes at the ready and will start to write my second novel.

Precious time, beautiful space and total peace that is what my residency at Cove Park gave me.



My accommodation was a converted