How to become a Cruise Ship Speaker

Can you  speak with  knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm?  Can you put together at least  six different talks about your chosen subject?  Are you friendly and like people.  Why not consider working as a Speaker on a Cruise ship.

I applied to the P & R Agency Ltd who supply Speakers to most of the Cruise Lines. (    My  Power Point interview/talk lasted 45 minutes which is the length of each talk given on the Ships and I was then offered a place on their books. I gave a very condensed talk of  how I became an artist, prestigious commissions, exhibitions, latest work and lots of anecdotes,  All of which could be expanded into six different talks. I  was informed I would not receive a fee, however, I could take along a guest,  which is a huge bonus in itself.

I was also told that it is important to be friendly to the other passengers and not be aloof and unapproachable. They are on holiday and want to enjoy all that the Cruise ship living offers. I enjoyed meeting the passengers, sharing tables and chatting.  The atmosphere  on the ships is relaxed and friendly and passengers embrace all that it has to offer, so it was easy to be part of it.  In fact it was great fun.

My last role  as a Speaker  was on the Balmoral one of the Fred Olsen Cruise Ships.  It was as 14 day  Baltic Cruise, visiting, Denmark,Sweden,Russia, Tallin in Estonia and Gdansk in Poland.

On board and after seeing our really nice cabin, I  met  the Cruise Director and other entertainers, later that evening we all went on stage and  introduced ourselves to the passengers.

From the moment I arrived on the ship  I was looked after.  The Fred Olsen Staff are as nice behind the scenes as they are in front.  They care for their passengers and staff and nothing is ever too much trouble. That made for a great atmosphere.

I then had to meet with the technical staff at the auditorium, to make sure  my memory stick and  laptop were OK. ( you must  take your own).  My 6 talks were all planned out, only for me to find they could only fit in five, so I had to make necessary adjustments, very quickly.

The Entertainment staff are informed  if  we would like to act as escorts on trips, then we do not pay for the trip, which is a bonus, although it can be nerve wracking.  I once lost a passenger who had got on the wrong bus back to the ship.

The last Cruise was wonderful and probably one of the best holidays I have ever had. I will probably say that about the next one.