The Story Teller Artist

One warm summer morning I was making my way to Debenhams to buy yet another suit for work.  I had just had an argument, was very fed up and anxious to get this chore out of the way.

It was early, the shops were only just beginning to open and  I looked up and saw a red double decker bus parked in the precinct.

Just at that moment out stepped a woman , she looked straight at me, beamed a huge  smile, the first I had received that day and said,  ” Would you like a cup of coffee and see what we have on display?”.

I was so taken aback, and I think it was because of the smile, that without any hesitation I found myself accepting her offer.

I stepped onto the bus and asked her what she was promoting.   Education was her reply.   Education for mature students.

She asked me what my interests were and I told her I loved to draw, was  interested in history, buildings, loved antiques, enjoyed restoring small items,  decorating and gardening.

She looked at me for just a moment, picked up an A4 piece of paper, and said ” I think this could be of interest to you!

I have no idea who this woman was I know nothing about her.  Her smile, an offer  of coffee and a piece of paper, changed my life forever.