Professor Pamela Howard OBE is a Scenographer, Director, Educator, Curator and  Producer. A Scenographer is a visual artist who makes theatre performances. Pamela specialises in 20th century little known works and her work takes her around the world. She is the author of ‘What is Scenography’.

I first met Pamela when we opened our studios for the Chichester Open Door Art Trail.  It is not unusual to be part of these events and not know all the participating artists.  I recall seeing her at a meeting and the very sight of her cheered me.  She had red hair, her  clothes were vibrant,  she is full of life and so interesting.

Pamela who is in her  70s is  a constant reminder that age is no barrier and I was really pleased that she  readily agreed for me to include her in my tactile Portrait collection ‘ I AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM’.

I vividly remember my first visit to Pamela’s studio. It was like stepping into another world. I did not know anything about scenography and here it was, all laid out in miniature.  Her stage sets and small detailed models were stunning. The drawings, sketches and style of text are works of art in their own right  and I loved the fact she would draw on brown paper bags or cardboard and would use these for  programmes.  Nothing is wasted.

Every time I meet Pamela she has either just arrived back from another country, or is packing to go to a new one.   She has recently produced an opera based on Carmen in  Slovenia, is producing Charlie Chaplin at the Pavilion Theatre in Selsey next month, and in the future she will create a new musical theatre piece in Canada about Charlotte Salaman. And she is a visiting Professor at Bournemouth University. An awesome woman and someone I aspire to.

For her portrait she had on this wonderfully vibrant outfit which was just perfect and  made me smile.   She has hardly a line on her face and will always be forever young.