All over the country from early summer, Artists and Makers open up their studios to the public, show their work and share the art experience and see art in all its forms.

The artist become part of the art community and visitors feel welcome and enjoying seeing the work. They can ask advice, see what materials are used, find out what techniques are used, find out where work is shown and buy something direct from the artist. Lots of artists sell greeting cards with images of their work and this is a great chance to buy a small piece of art for little cost.

I take part in the Chichester,West Sussex ( 121 studios open up and the Emsworth, Hants ( studios open. I am amazed just how many talented people live on my doorstep and that has created a fascinating community of artists.

If you would like to show your work, and enjoy talking to people, contact organisers of art trails in your area. If there isn’t one, perhaps you could get together with fellow artists and organize this yourself. Check out other art trails and find out how it works, they will all be happy to share their knowledge with you.

It is really important to advertise the event. All members of the Chichester and Emsworth Art Trails, deliver brochures to shops, businesses, libraries, surgeries and send to friends. A few days before the event, road signs, balloons all the same colour are put up outside houses or buildings of the artists taking part in the Trail. They can be seen all over the area.It is cheery and encourages people to visit.

The ideal place to show your work is in your own studio. However many artists work in the home and for obvious reasons do not want people in and out of their house. You could show in a shed, a garage, a conservatory, small marque in the garden. Visitors do not mind, it is all part of the experience.

Over the years visitors have told me they invite friends and family to stay on those weekends. For no cost at all they can visit areas that they would not normally go to, visit studios and artists. What could be better.

If you would like to find out more, contact me.