The year is 2010 and the story continues.

I had been painting  for just over six years and am work in the studio most every day during the winter months and try to not work for a few months in the summer months and go to my allotment which is my retreat. I am usually armed with lunch, papers, book, a glass of wine at the end of the day, oh yes I also work on the land.

I had already had one commission for  Three Counties Crematorium in Braintree, Essex. I was once again approached to see if I would make a piece of work for the waiting room of the new build East Devon Crematorium in Whimple, Devon.   I could do anything I wanted.

I needed to do a lot of research of the area to get  inspiration.  First visit was to the Honiton Museum. they kindly opened up especially for me, this gave me the chance to see all their fantastic collection of Honiton lace.   A sight to behold.   I then visited the nearby church of St Mary of Ottery, they have  one of the oldest surviving mechanical clocks  in the country. The sketch book was filling up with ideas.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I played with ideas and designs and it became clear to me that Devon is renowned for the countryside and I changed  my focus to this.   I realised that I had three tactile paintings in the studio that would work very well, I contacted the owner, arranged a visit to the site checked measurements and arranged for them to be delivered as soon as the building was completed.  An unusual way of completing a commission but the right way for the new build.

The paintings I chose were BIRDS EYE VIEW, LANDSCAPE and the one shown here SHARE MY DREAM.  Share my dream was inspired by a walk on the South Downs with my small granddaughter. She said that every time she turned a corner she saw new pictures like a dream.  I bent down to her height and realised she had a completely different view.  As we walked further she turned to me and said ” would you like to share my dream”, hence the title.

I was proud to attend the opening of the Crematorium and the paintings fitted in beautifully in the waiting room.

A surreal moment. That same Crematorium is near my in-laws.  Father-in-law died and his service was in the new build, my paintings were there to be seen, the owner who I had worked with all those years ago and gave me the commission came and the granddaughter who inspired the painting also attended.