Womens International Day

Whilst at University, I had a couple of terms voluntary teaching students on my old Restoration Course, mainly helping them write their thesis.  This gave me great experience and made me realise just how much I had learnt in the past five years.

My daughters’ school were looking for people to have a stand at their Womens International Day.  I took samples of all the work I had done on the Restoration course and had a great day, encouraging people to consider becoming an adult student because at that time  there were so many opportunities, there for the taking.

A few days later I had a call from the School to say that had been so many enquiries about my stand  would I be interested in taking a Night Class.   I jumped at the chance and had a full class from beginning to the end of the 20 week course, this followed with a renewed contract to extend the classes and a request from the Further Education Centre to see if there was anything else I could teach. I offered  another 20 week course on the History and Social History from 1500 to 1950s. Once again a full house and the students stayed the course.   I loved teaching.

In between the teaching, I got remarried, we bought an old cottage and between us were able to restore it and  I carried  out decorating for us  and designing interiors for other people, on the strength of my work on the cottage. just to keep my hand in and earn money.

I visited the Goodwood Interior  Show and there was a huge stand set up by Chichester College offering a similar course to my old  Restoration Course.  The Head of Department asked if I would be interested in their Course.   I replied ‘No, but you might be interested in me I teach these subjects and more”.   I was immediately invited to come for an interview a few days latter and was offered a contract to teach three days a week.  Specialist Painting and History of Interiors.   Things were beginning to fall into place.

In addition to this I decided to set up my own Interior Design Company, offering my services as a Design Consultant as well as a Decorator.  My working life was almost too much but I embraced all that was on offer. Contracts were in Shops, Offices, an Old Rectory and houses.

At the end of the college year, with College cut backs, my contract was not renewed at Chichester, at the same time I decided to stop the Evening Classes and focus on the Interior Design work, to get a better work balance.