Prior to my trip to the Art Beyond Sight Conference in New York, a friend who enjoys Cruise Holiday asked  if I had ever considered giving talks on the Ships. She said there are a variety of Speakers and  felt I could talk about my life changes and work.  I had given a number of talks to local groups, however,  did not feel I had quite enough to cover  a number of different talks and decided not to pursue this.

The week after I returned from New York I felt I could put together five or even six different talks together and would try and find an agent for Cruise Ship Speakers.

Talk about fate knocking on my door again.   The following week I read  an article in the paper ‘ COULD YOU BE THE NEW CLEESE OF THE HIGH SEAS?’.  John Cleese was one of a number of celebrity speakers who are  a Cruise Ship Speakers.  The writer said that one of the many attractions of a cruise holiday along with entertainments and activities, were the lectures in the day time.

The article went on to talk about Peter Rushton who decided to start up his company P & R Agency, having worked for a number of years as a Lecturer on Maritime History.  He said his favourite speakers were those who mingled with the guests  and  he was always on the look out for new talent. ” If you have anything interesting to say and can say it well, informatively, entertainingly, authoritatively, we will put you on our books”.  I thought this was worth a try.

I contacted the P&R Agency. For my  interview I had to give a  45 minute talk  with power point images and later that day  was delighted to be told that they would put me on their books.   Since then I have been offered three cruise trips, one of which was cancelled a few days before date of leaving, but that sort of thing does happen.

Both Cruises  were with Fred Olsen, one to Spain and Portugal and another around the  Baltic. I was very impressed  by both the  professionalism and friendliness of the crew and   loved working with them. Nothing was too much trouble for them, whether dealing with visitors or crew.

It was good to give  talks to  passengers who  enjoyed  the experience and who then told other people so  gradually my audience numbers increased each day.  I was able to take my husband along and we both enjoyed the company of the passengers and crew with the bonus of  visiting  some amazing places.