Gap year for grown ups

A few days before we were to start on our Gap Year we decided to  go away for a couple of weeks. This was to be the only major spending for the next year or so. The  desire to make major changes in my husband’s  work life had been with us both for over a year, the opportunity to make that decision and  actually leave work, took place in less than  a week.  That break gave us time  to think, readjust and relax. It was early Spring and we both agreed that it was  important  to  stick to the routine of getting up early and treating each week day as a work day. We wanted to make the most of every previous minute of our time. We have a large garden and my husband decided  he wanted to work outside,  with his hands and learn new skills.  He chose to  restore the large log shed, lay paths and generally tidy  up the far end of the garden.   I added to the list and asked  if he would also build me a few raised beds  to grow vegetables. He did not have any of the skills required to carry out the work, however, he wisely paid a builder to give him one to one tuition for a couple of days to assist him. With his  new found confidence he drew up plans, ordered materials and virtually moving down to the end of the  garden.  Often never to be seen from one part of the day to the next. We also decided that it would be  a good idea if we made our own drinks and lunches during the week.  That way we could stop and start when we both wanted to.  That decision was a good one and made our lives very simple.  It might sound odd, but it worked and still works to this day. I started my Gap year by putting all my Interior Design books, magazines and designs into a large chest and made the decision to leave them there for a year and a day. I tidied my books in the study’ Later that evening I looked at  a book on the History of Art. Picking up that book and what happened next,  was to change the course of my life.