A tray, paint brushes and paper

The first  miniature I  painted,  took  a few hours to complete, the second, much the same time.  I  soon discovered that not  only could I paint quickly  I was  also happy with the  results.  Over the next few weeks  I spent a few hours a day copying yet another painting, until a small table was covered in them.

My studio space consisted of a  wooden tray, a small tin of paints and newly purchased water colour papers. Next to them sat  a pile of books, waiting to have their images copied.   The size of the materials and space to work in,  dictated the size of work I could produce which was near miniature form.

I felt a feeling of  complete sense of calm and quiet joy when I picked  up the brushes to create yet another piece of work.  I would soon  be  lost in time and  thought. This  wonderful experience  came as a complete surprise to me.

Friends who saw the paintings, asked if they could buy them, being rather proud that they liked them, I just gave them away.

During the coming months my husband and a friend decided that they would  like to climb  to  Base Camp on Everest and raise money for the Anthony Nolan fund. This was a great opportunity for him in his  Gap year.  He asked me if I could start asking for payment  for  the paintings, rather than giving them away  and put the money in the fund. I was delighted to know  friends were more than happy to pay for the work.

A few months into the gap year I was given  the opportunity to go to Cornwall  and indulge myself in a whole week just painting.   All my focus was on  creating  one very involved  piece of work. Painting without interruption and  enjoying early morning walks along the cliffs.

One  morning, whilst  watching  the sun  rise,  I experienced a feeling of such intense calm and happiness, the like I have never known before. I cannot even begin to explain where the decision came from,  but from  that moment on I knew without doubt,  I needed to paint, and I was going to be an Artist.

It  felt as if  someone had shown me a new world and as I opened the door and stepped into it. I was going home , it was where I belonged.  All very surreal.