Gap year for grown ups

A few days before we were to start on our Gap Year we decided to  go away for a couple of weeks. This was to be the only major spending for the next year or so. The  desire to make major changes in my husband’s  work life had been with us both for over a year, the […]

Interior Design and the possibility of a Gap Year for grown ups

My Interior Design business kept me busy and the work was  really enjoyable.  I started by including my  services as a Decorator, later  changed this to working as a Consultant. I did not want to be the Designer who swept into clients houses and say “We must change all of this darlings”. Whether my clients had an […]

Restoration skills and an old French House.

I had ceased teaching and when the  opportunity arose for us to buy an old house in France.  it seemed the right thing to do next. Invest in ourselves. It was based near the town of Josselin in Brittany  in a small village next to a river.   The French Adventure. The old house had not been […]

Womens International Day

Whilst at University, I had a couple of terms voluntary teaching students on my old Restoration Course, mainly helping them write their thesis.  This gave me great experience and made me realise just how much I had learnt in the past five years. My daughters’ school were looking for people to have a stand at their […]

Portsmouth University, Mature student.

The full title of my degree course was The Historical and Theoretical studies of Art, Media and Design.  I honestly thought that there would be some hands on work with art and design.  Idiot.  This Course was pure academic. The first three months made me realise that I was way out of my depth, a […]

Portsmouth Uni. 1992, History and Theory Degree

The latter weeks of the Restoration Course heightened my fears about finding work,   One of the students had been over to Portsmouth University and said that they had  an Open day.   I knew nothing about Degrees, none of my family and none of my friends had ever attended University, but hey, I had nothing to lose.  […]

Portsmouth College of art, student exchange to USA

The trauma of my divorce and all that it entailed was diminishing and all focus was now on  College life. Portsmouth College of Art  offered us the most wonderful opportunity  to spend four weeks on a student exchange to  Ashville, North Carolina, USA.  We were to  attend college and in addition  help restore the ceiling of the Court House […]

1991 An Angry book, a Mature student and a divorce.

No money, a rickety old bike for transport,  weekends of working in a café and surviving on a pittance.  I chose this new life and I had to  get on with it. The great thing about being in college every day was that I  felt as if  I was no longer connected to the world as I knew it. […]

Total drama the Ghost and Real life Heather

Fitting into college life as a Mature student took a huge amount of adjustment. Learning new specialist painting skills like imitating woods, oak, burr walnut, pine and  mahogany, as well and all styles of  marble  was difficult.  Woodcarving was wonderful. Gilding was hard. Using tools I did not know even existed. I also loved the study of architecture and […]

Becoming a mature student

Being accepted as a mature student for the Restoration and Decoration Course was one thing.   I knew it was going to be hard to juggle family, home life and work. However, the advantage of part  owning a business and having staff, meant that I was in a fortunate position to be able to attend full time college […]