First the blog, then the book.

I have recently been contacted by someone who asked if my blog covers  what is happening now.  It is not.

The blog started  a little further back,where I discuss  my having attended college and University later in life. It then moves through to how I taught myself to paint, create a new style of painting  and  moves through time  to  where I am working full time as an artist and am showing my work. The story constantly moves forward because so much has happened, opportunities have been fantastic and what will happen in the future is also very  exciting .

The reason I started to write the blog, came about because I am  a Guest Speaker on  the   on Fred Olsen Cruise Ships.   I give six different talks to the passengers,  covering more or less everything I will talk about on the blog.

At the end of the Cruise I have had numerous requests for my book,  and I have to explain that I do  not have one.  It was their interest and enthusiasm that got me thinking about writing it all down.

I seemed like a good idea to start  by writing a  blog form that would get me  used to writing every day.  The problem I find is keeping it down to  a few hundred words.   There have been so many  times I have written 600  words plus and have to edit it.

I am now a few weeks away from starting my book and I think from what I have researched, creating it  ebook form would probably suit me better.  In time this . probably next year, this will be followed by a series of short stories based on one of my paintings and the affect it had on different people.

I hope this is of interest to you, Tomorrow and will keep this blog shorter and tomorrow will tell you about my first commission with one of the greatest galleries in the world.